Are you creating valuable written content? The copyright course shows you how to protect your written content, including books, magazines, blogs, songs and other written materials. The best part is that you'll have lifetime access and can refer back to it again and again to protect your work throughout your business and career, saving thousands of dollars in legal expenses.  As a pre-order, this product will be delivered within three weeks of your purchase.


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Attorney Drafted. This template was drafted by Laura DiFrancesco, Esq. who has experience negotiating hundreds of multimillion and multibillion dollar contracts.

Word and PDF Format. You’ll receive this template in both Word and PDF format. The Word template is customizable with instructions provided.

Lifetime Updates. You’ll receive lifetime updates to this template. As our templates improve, so do yours!

Important Details. Since this template is a preorder, it will be delivered within two weeks of being ordered.  

What's Included

User Guide - Word Document
Lessons - Video Tutorials
Copyright Guide - PDF
Social Media & Intellectual Property Guide - PDF 

Why Do You Need This

Are you creating valuable written content? Your website, books, workbooks, magazines, blogs, songs or other written materials? Before you distribute your works, you should copyright them. While you have inherent rights to anything you rightfully create, registering for a copyright puts the world on notice that you own those materials. In the event of someone using the materials in the future, it creates a presumption in your favor that you own them and creates a strong protection from copyright infringement. Before you release work that you've poured your heart into out into the world, first protect it by registering your copyright.

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